BOS face mask

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BOS face mask, which fits perfectly on your face, is comfortable to wear in the long run, with three breathable layers. This mask is washable and ironable and has adjustable elastic to fit every face.

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Material: 100% polyester

1.) Grasp the two edges of the bottom strap and set the clamp to the loosest so you can easily hide it over your head.
2.) Then grab the top strap and align it on top of your head or where you feel comfortable and not slipping.
3.) Adjust the mask to your face so that both the bottom and top are in place, then squeeze the clip on the nose to stabilize the top line of the mask and close to maximum.
4.) After placing the mask tightly on your face, place the straps in their final position and pull the lower strap adjuster so that the lower part of the mask is tight, thus reducing the amount of suction.
5.) Change the mask every few hours.

Wash instructions:
1.) When you take off the mask, clean it immediately or put it in a smaller laundry bag and then in the washing machine.
2.) The mask can be washed in a washing machine at 60 °, but it can also withstand 95 °. Daily washing can damage the rubber.
3.) The mask can be ironed. Do not iron the mask on the bottom line of the mask, as the rubber may be damaged and the straps should be avoided.


This mask is not a medically graded mask nor personal protective equipment.





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