FAQ collagen

What is BOS Collagen?

BOS Collagen is a food supplement, intended to boost your body’s own collagen production naturally.

Why is collagen important?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies, and it is what gives them structure, elasticity and flexibility. It is in our skin, gut, teeth, connective tissues, like joints, tendons, cartilage, ligaments. As we age, our ability to produce collagen declines, making us more prone to injuries, painful conditions and poor skin health.


How do I take BOS Collagen?

Measure 25 ml with the cup provided and consume it directly or dilute it with water or your favourite beverage. For best results, we recommend to drink it on an empty stomach.

How long do I take BOS Collagen for?

We recommend taking BOS Collagen continuously to see the best results.


What if I forget to take it one day?

Continue with the recommended dosage the next day.

Is BOS Collagen safe?

All the ingredients inside BOS Collagen are safe and presented in safe dosages.

Has BOS Collagen been tested?

Every batch is tested for quality parameters. BOS Collagen complies with all regulations and standards set by the European Commission. It is regularly checked for potential contaminants, such as heavy metals, as well as microbiological contamination.

Is BOS Collagen suitable for people with diabetes?

Yes. BOS Collagen does not contain sugar.

Is BOS Collagen keto-friendly?
Is BOS Collagen suitable for vegans?

The hydrolysed collagen comes from meat industry by-products. Up to now, there is no good source of vegan collagen.

Can pregnant women take BOS collagen?

Taking collagen during pregnancy was not tested on pregnant women. We recommend you asking your doctor before taking this food supplement.

Is BOS Collagen gluten-free?

Skin energy is gluten-free, dairy-free & soy-free.